Bear Bows I am Selling From My Personal Collection


Custom Recurves

Drawknives and Froes for Bow Making as Well as Carving Chisels for Gun Building etc.

I am Steadily Adding More Bows

Starter--Bunny--Beater--Budget Bows

Kids Bows.....Lots More Coming

Offers on any bow/bows/etc considered.

Camo Face Paint

Three Rivers sells these for $6.25 and shipping which is gonna be no less than $5. These are $4.50 and $1.50 for shipping. $.50 additional shipping for each additional compact. email me at bearbowman@comcast.net


Lodi Star Longbow Left-Handed 64" 50 lbs

This longbow is about new from the maker. He did shoot the bow a little but that was about it. There are no issues. $325 email me at bearbowman@comcast.net


Indian Warrior

This Warrior is 62" and 45#. Limbs are right on the money and there are no holes. There are however quite a few closet/use and shuffling marks/scratches. The guy had it under his bed for about 30 years. Normally I am not too keen in Indian bows but this has a real nice grip to it and it draws real nice. $80 plus $20 shipping. email me at bearbowman@comcast.net


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Unless noted differently in the add there is a $20 charge for shipping on each bow. $15 for any set of limbs or riser. All bows will be insured.

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