Fast Flight and 8125 are $18.75 shipped for the 20 and 18 strand two bundle accented string. I start padding at 16 strands on Fast Flight and 8125. Colors available in Fast Flite are black, tan, yellow, red, white, and hunter green. In 8125 black, brown, white, red, green, blue, purple, and yellow. All Dynaflite 10, Dynaflite 75, Dynaflite 97, 452, and Astroflite are normally 14 strands. I start to pad these at 12 strands. All padded loops are $21.75 shipped. In D-75 I have black, brown, tan, red, yellow and hunter green. In D-97 I have black, tan, brown, red, yellow. Colors available in 8125 are black, blue, brown, tan, green, yellow, red, purple, and white. D-10 I most of the basic colors including gray. If you are after a neon type string I have all colors in Astroflite. All my strings are guaranteed. If you are not happy send them back and get a 100% total refund of all fees and expenses. You will not be disappointed. A single padded loop string is $21.75 shipped. Email to order at Call or text 330-383-5312

Fast Flite string in black and tan with a few strands of white
Loop Detail

Twisting Detail

Here is the same string with a single strand of yellow added.

8125 With Padded Loops