Ethan's Webpage and all of his pics!!

Here is a pic of Ethan as he tested out a Saxon Badger youth recurve I sold last summer. You see we are pretty good here at shooting out the kills on our 3-D targets and this turkey bird was no exception. After we blast a hole through the kill we start to shoot to the right of the kill zone. Ethan placed his shot perfectly at 13 yards.

Here is a list of Ethan's current collection. He shoots a Bob Lee now and that is about it and that is only at Denton Hill or an occasional local shoot. Ethan is a busy boy today and we have kept some of his bows from his youth.

64 Kodiak 30#
66 Kodiak Magnum 36#
67 Little Bear 20#
69 Super Kodiak 35#

Don't be fooled. Ethan can shoot! Look at his form.

The Draw

Wow look at those feet

The release!

Pretty good follow through

Critical shot in fading light

Here is Ethan with a catfish he caught in 2000. Ethan by the way caught the only fish worth mentioning that day and those of you who know Ethan know that he made sure he let every body knew it............all day long. He did not shut up until he fell asleep!

This is a picture of Ethan and his cousin Nikki............he just finished telling Nikki that he caught the only fish of the day.

Ethan waxing some bass at a farm pond only I can fish......slurp. Ethan asks me everytime. "Dad do you think I will catch the 7 pound bass today?"

String making is easy. Here is Ethan my 12 year old making his second string when he was 11. Ethan made an excellent string when he was 10 and I still use it today. Ethan did however have have some trouble connecting the dots on this one. Lets follow his progress...............

Here is Ethan laying out the first bundle

Now the second bundle

Man I hope these guys don't notice I stuck Grandma's shoes on to come out side

Whew!! They can't see the shoes now

Dad!! I can't get this stupid thing to work

Here is a great picture of Ethan and I coming back from a target on the lower end of the Western course at Denton Hill about 1999(THANKS for the pic Jeff!!)